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Wrought Iron Wall Shelves

Having wrought iron shelves on the wall is a great way to organize and get rid of clutter.
And having a coat rack with shelves will provide a beautiful and safe place
to display any fragile knick-nacks you don't want broken, In addition to freeing up closet space.
All items here are available in different colors and finishes.  They will mount easily to any wall
and mounting hardware is included with the purchase.  Custom orders are also welcome,
these coat racks were made to fit certain spaces, and the design can be modified to fulfill your needs.

Wall Shelves


Wrought Iron Knicknack Shelf

This shelf design was made for a bathroom that had very little
cabinet space. This is a great way to keep what you want close
at hand easily accessable, it can also have a towel bar on the bottom.
This piece measures 23" tall and 18" wide.

Custom Size
Double Shelves Wall Mounted Coat Rack


Wall Mounted Coat Rack with Shelves

This wall mounted 2 shelf piece is 24" wide and 18" tall.
With 8" deep wrought iron shelves, caps, hats and gloves
will always be ready for your use.


Set of three wrought iron shelves


3 Tier Wrought Iron Shelf

With 8" deep shelves, this piece will hold and display
even more of your goodies. For the ones who don't care
for scrolls, this is the perfect set of iron wall shelves.
This piece measures 36" tall and 18" wide.


Single Shelf Wall Coat Rack


Wrought Iron Coat Rack with Single Shelf

This 30" wide coat rack is accented by it's Medievil battleaxe
mounting straps. In addition to having your hat, cap and gloves
at hand, there might just be room for an iron mace.


Bookcase with Wooden Shelves


Wrought Iron Book Shelf

This wrought iron bookcase will be a fine addition to any room.
It stands 48" tall and is 18" wide, with wooden shelves.
A similar piece was made with the shelves
closer to hold CDs and DVDs.


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